Monday, 1 August 2011

The Silent Journey

Believe or not... every single soul are taking silent journey with their life. some notice it,some not,some just lost... no one to be blame for this coz the current world are create that way...
Most of the people living their daily life with conscious n subconscious movements and decisions,without realising the impact that was given to others.

Words are the most powerful weapon a soul can have,by manupulating it,it can turn good to evil n also the opposite.everyday we spend most of the time talking,some bring benefits,some brings hates n some just trash talkings.with words there is an action,with action there is a matter how we used it,we just enjoying the mind masturbation that it give to us.the silentness of the result that effected others who received it, is beyond the giver expectation. 

Under the radar,love is spying every information that was recorded by the spycam n sending secret code to the heart.The brain break the code n gather the informations then sending orders to the special force to start a secret operation name "Opps!Love". this silent operation is always there in our daily life but only the one's who sensitive will feel the such a powerful tool thats can heal broken souls,the adrenaline rush that it provide is speechless n the pure auras can change one's world with one's desire.
But when the broken soul misused the power,it became love of hatred,love to kill or love of others to suffer for one's desire then it wont be pure anymore coz the destiny of love is to create a peace n harmony heaven in one's world.why we mortal are so special than other creation?the short life that we had makes the love that we search are so pure n we appreciated it more than anything like tomorrow will never promise today...
"Losing Faith in love is emptiness without a shadow"

The silentness of prejudice came hand in hand with words,the virus are slowly infecting the mind,body n kill all the goodness that was created inside us,we simply judging without knowing and that is the result with the world we living now... hows this happen?can we just deny it?look around us,all we see is world that built with prejudice.the negativity that live in us putting n sending positive into deep prison with a parol.only sometimes it allowed to see the light. 

Adults living too much with material that turn them into material.a life time contract with greed!greed with time,space,feeling n love that controlled by the greatest puppet master called HATE!

Cant we just be kid?

living n loving others without hatred.thats why GOD love children because that is HIS true colour... 

how we going to answer to HIM when the time come? a wiseman once told me "its not how u start it,but its how u finished it..."

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